Mudra has created a planner for ADD brains

January 14, 2022

The Mudra Life Planner gives the perspective needed to take action”
— Annabelle Gauthier
MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, January 14, 2022 / -- Mudra, a company founded to help people with attention deficit disorder ("ADD"), is launching a planner; "the Mudra Life Planner". Futhermore, as of this week, Mudra is happy to announce that it's life planner is listed on

Planning is key to accomplishing goals and staying motivated. People with ADD often need help to facilitate this process. The Mudra Life Planner provides the structure needed to prioritize and the flexibility for the mind to be creative.

Seventeen (17) million people in the United States have attention deficit disorder. It is one of the most common challenges in children and adults. They are often distracted, have poor planning skills and poor memory. Mudra has created a planner that gives perspective, helps prioritize the information and keeps track of what needs to be accomplished.

“The Mudra Life Planner gives the perspective needed to take action” says Annabelle Gauthier, founder of Mudra. "ADD is often associated with poor memory, difficulty to prioritize and focus on tasks. We have developed a planner to simplify the process of planning ”


▫️ Weekly perspective: Each weekday has distinct space to write down what’s important, appointments, to do's and additional notes.

▫️ Spacious: The unique landscape format gives perspective and the space to write down any information needed to be remembered.

▫️Colourful: Each month is a different colour which brings a vibrant energy and helps realize when a new month is about to begin.

The Mudra Life Planner is now on sale on Amazon Canada and

Founded by a mother of 3 boys who proudly has ADHD. She needed to find ways to get more organized. After using her system for 2 years, she introduced it to her ADHD friends. It had such an impact on their lives, she needed to share it with the world.

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